Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where a Kid Can Be a Kid...

We were supposed to go to the pumpkin patch today, but it turns out that neither of them open until next week (although they've already started advertising, which is why there was some confusion). Since we'd planned a big day we decided to make up for it by going to Chuck E. Cheese. Sadie is a big Chuck E Cheese fan.

When you walk in the front door, they stamp the child's hand with a stamp that is only visible under a black light and then they stamp one of the parents' hands with the same number. The numbers have to match to take your kid home. This is such a great safety precaution, although when we go to Chuck E Cheese it's usually during the week at around 11:30, which means that we pretty much have the entire place to ourselves.

We got a meal deal today that came with a hundred tokens. That meant that Sadie got to go on all the rides that her little heart desired (she loves the fire engine ride and the Chuck E Cheese photo car ride) and the grown ups got to work for about an hour to try and win all the tickets that we possibly could. We've gone twice now and have saved up 720 tickets. Only 1280 more until we have enough to get the big Chuck E Cheese bouncy ball.

We also learned that it's pretty much impossible to get Sadie to smile when she gets her picture taken by the photo machine that turns the picture into a sketch afterwards. She's so busy looking up at the video screen with her face on it that no amount of effort can get her to look down under the screen at the video camera. However, those pictures may make an appearance when she's thirty and her father finally allows her to go on her first date.

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