Sunday, September 13, 2009

Strolling with the Remote

Sadie has a cute little pink doll stroller that her great grandma Gee gave her for her birthday. It has a little bear on it and if you press the bear’s stomach it plays music. She knows how to press the button now to get the music to play, but that’s not the best thing about the stroller.

Sadie’s favorite thing to do with the stroller is kind of a surprise. She yanks her dolls out of it and runs around the room searching. Then she finds the remote control for the television and the satellite dish. She races back to the stroller and then carefully places them in the seat. Then she cruises around the room, pushing them in front of her. Occasionally she walks, pulling the stroller behind her with her dolls piled on the ground.

She also thought it was fun to take the remotes out of the stroller and bring them to Grumpa. She hands them to him and then she takes them back. Then she smiles at him and hands them to him again. She could be occupied by this activity for hours if she could just find someone to play along with it for that long! She tried to trade him the remotes for his coffee this morning, she definitely knows what they do and she thought it was a fair trade, but still no coffee for the baby, much to her disappointment (where she gets that I don't know, neither Mommy nor Daddy drink coffee!).

Right now she’s in her crib watching her “Your Baby Can Read” DVD. She hasn’t watched them in a long time and she loves them, so we’re trying to use it as a way to wind down before bedtime. Ten minutes until lights out!

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