Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Almost Had Time To Write A Blog...

Sadie is asleep in my left arm, so I'm typing with one hand. She was busy today. She brought a book over next to Grumpa and sat down on the ground. Then she flipped through the pages and squealed loudly when she would see a picture she recognized. She pointed to the ball, bucket, puzzle and tractor quite a few times. When she got to the shape page Grumpa said "Where's the star?" Sadie paused for about five seconds and then pointed to the star. Next Grumpa asked, "where is the triangle?" There was another pause before she pointed to the triangle.

And she said "up" twice after we got ready for bed. She's delighted when someone understands her babbling.

Now I have to go. A phone call woke my sleeping baby and now I have a squirming baby.

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