Friday, September 18, 2009

Our Vaccines are Done (for a few years, at least)

Here is a quick Sadie update for the night before we both drift off to sleep!

Sadie had her fifteen month vaccinations today and was up and running around this afternoon. It was the last of her baby vaccines. Now she doesn't need another (with the exception of flu shots) until she turns 4. Maybe that will give her a chance to forget how much she dislikes going to the doctor's office.

She definitely remembered why we were going today. We had a full out melt down that lasted for most of the two hour visit (they had some sort of emergency they had to fit in and were running behind... I can't complain though, because a few times with Sadie's ear infections they've fit us in!).

We have also read about Bartholomew bear several dozen times in the last few days. That book has definitely grown on Sadie. She's not going to be happy when we return it to the library! The best part about that is that when we check it back out in a few weeks she gets so excited (we got to see that when we rechecked out Peekaboo Who, which is another book that she loves).

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