Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Satellite Internet

Satellite internet has definite positives and negatives. Well, it has at least one positive aspect. It is faster than dial-up. It still isn't "high speed internet" but it's usually better then the alternative. Unless we exceed the number of megabytes we're allowed in a 24 hour period. The problem is they don't give an exact number as "too much," although we've noticed that it is around 140 megabytes a day. If we go over the internet slows way down so that even text emails won't load. It stays shut down for 24 hours from the time the program that put it over shuts down. Because of this we're very careful not to go over.

Two nights ago mom and dad noticed that the internet light was flashing on the modem. I was in the cabin, in bed, but there is a computer down there so they weren't sure that it wasn't me. It wasn't. Apparently even in the middle of nowhere you have to worry about internet thieves. Grumpa's figuring out how to put a password up. Hopefully he figures it out before they start downloading stuff again and we get booted of the internet for another 24 hours.

If we don't get booted off and Sadie takes a nap, hopefully I'll have time for a "real" post later. I've been reading "Orthodoxy" by Chesterton and getting ideas!


  1. Ah, I'm reading that too! Only through chpt 2 right now, though, and slow-going what with school and all.

  2. can you tell me is this true that HughesNet is no. internet service provider in USA.

  3. HughesNet is in the US and it's the best satellite internet we've tried so far (I would strongly recommend not going with Wild Blue, they're support is awful). Of the three I've used it's the best, but it's not nearly as fast as cable internet.


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