Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Hay Truck and a Snake!

Sadie still is a little under the weather (which is mostly manifesting itself in extreme fussiness) but we still had an exciting day today. First off a hay truck showed up at our house this morning to deliver 10 tons of alfalfa. Sadie could hardly believe her luck. We walked down together (she was still in her pajamas, although we did put on a jacket because it's finally getting chilly at night) and checked things out. First we walked all the way around the truck. Then we went in the barn where the hay was being unloaded. Then Sadie decided that it was much cooler to be carried around the hay truck by Grumpa then to walk with Mommy.

So Sadie and Grumpa walked around the truck again. Sadie tried to pick the bugs off the front grill and Grumpa even opened the door so that Sadie could look inside the cab. Then she went over and Grumpa let her stand on the bed of the truck and then, when she got brave and started trying to walk away, across the bed, got up there with her.

She did get momentarily distracted by the pumpkins in Nani's garden and even found one that was no longer attached to the vine (probably the result of a thieving ground squirrel) and carried it around for the rest of the day.

By midmorning though, it was clear that Sadie wasn't feeling hot. She curled up on my lap and slept for three hours (my arm has almost recovered. Every time I tried to move and shift her weight at all she would start to whine and fuss in her sleep.).
The other surprise of the day came when Nani and Sadie were walking down to water the lavender. Sadie started pointing at a plant on the ground next to her foot. Nani looked at it and didn't see anything. Then a snake shot out and went between Sadie's feet before disappearing into the grass. Sadie, who had a frog jump and land on her chest earlier in the week, is still fearless when it comes to slimy, slithery animals.

And that is our very exciting day.

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