Monday, September 14, 2009

Chuck E Cheese and a Patriots Game!

I know, I've said it before, but today was a big day for Sadie! We were going to Redding today so Nani and Grumpa could do some shopping (and Sadie and I went along so that Daddy could get some studying down without any distractions) and Grumpa suggested that we have lunch at Chuck E. Cheese.

When we walked in Sadie was a little overwhelmed. We put her on the fire truck ride and she sat there staring around her, wide eyed. Then she saw Chuck himself, and started pointed at the stage. I carried her over, fairly certain that she would freak out when we got close to him. After all, he is one of those giant robotic puppets. It could be kind of scary. Instead when we were about ten feet away Sadie started reaching towards the stage. When she still hadn't panicked when we were about four feet away I stopped and put her down. She raced over to the stage and stood at the edge with her chin on the stage looking up at the giant mouse lovingly.

After that we headed back over to the games. Sadie rode on the giant monster truck and got her picture taken four times in the car next to the mouse (the ride has a camera and it takes a picture and then the picture comes out, not bad for one token, which is equal to 25 cents). Grumpa and I worked on winning Sadie tickets while Nani convinced her to eat a little lunch and then once everyone was fed we all went back to playing. I was actually starting to get sore from shooting baskets (which we discovered was the best game for winning tickets) by the time we left. Sadie was definitely impressed by the restaurant.

Tonight after Daddy left for work he called to see how the Patriot's game was going. Sadie ran over while I was telling him about what had happened on the phone (they were still behind at that point) and started playing with my dress. Then, much to my surprise, she bit my leg! Hard! In fact, it was hard enough to leave a welt/bruise. Ouch! When I said "no, we do not bite" she threw herself on the ground dramatically and cried hysterically. She does not like being told she's not supposed to do something.

By the time the Patriot's turned the game around in the last two minutes Sadie had cheered up. When her team won she ran around the room squealing and clapping. If Daddy had been home to see it he would have been so proud!

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