Friday, September 18, 2009

Tom and Jerry and a Cement Truck

Sadie is feeling little bit sick today and needs lots of rests (recovering from her shots). We went into town for Grumpa to get his hair cut and while Sadie and I were walking down the street a cement truck from the local quarry went by. The driver saw me pointing and Sadie staring, wide eyed (she's been looking at the cement mixer in her courderoy bear book and her truck book) and tooted the horn. It may have been the high point of Sadie's day.

The other high point of the day came when Sadie was resting on my lap at Nani and Grumpa's. Since she's under the weather I was looking for a cartoon she could watch. We tried the Tigger and Pooh Super Sleuths and she wasn't all that impressed. Then I found Tom and Jerry. Sadie couldn't stop laughing. She could hardly breath when Tom got smacked over the head with the broom. She laughed until she had started coughing, which turned into hiccups. Then she hiccuped and laughed as poor Tom tried to keep the house clean while Jerry tried to make a mess. Now she's sound asleep on my lap.

When she wakes up we'll read more about Courderoy and Bartholomew! Sadie loves her bear books!

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