Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Day in Redding

We went to Redding today and took Sadie to play in the mall's Turtle Bay play area. Sadie and Grumpa arrived first, while Nani and I were looking at anti-bacterial hand sanitizer at Bath and Body works (gearing up for flu seasons). When Nani walked up Sadie was headed out of the play area and was running towards the coin operated car rides. She went straight to the front where the fire truck ride and tractor rides are and tried to get in the fire truck.

After $1.50 worth of riding in the tractor (2 rides) she was finally ready to check out the play area inside. She kept going back to the giant soft mushroom toy that she had played with before she was ready to walk (the least popular toy, it was the only one without a lot of competition over it when the play area was crowded). She seemed to remember it and kept running back to it between checking out the other parts of the playground.

Our last store of the day was Costco and Sadie fell asleep as we pulled into the parking lot. We tried to wake her, hopeful that she would sleep for the hour and a half drive home. Instead she stayed asleep as I hauled her around the store, finally retreating to wait in the car with shaking arms (for the record she now weighs in at 26 lbs). Thankfully she slept for most of the way home!

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