Monday, September 28, 2009

Daydreaming about Mantillas

The baby is napping and I am daydreaming... about mantillas. It's because I bookmarked a couple of sites that I stumbled across the other day and I can't help but go back and visit them. I shouldn't be imaginary mantilla shopping. I have all the chapel veils I need. The first one, a white lace triangle, was highjacked by Sadie and is still being held hostage, with no sign of being returned in the near future. Thankfully one of the women at our church brought one to me that she had worn years ago and had run across, and I've defended it from little lace happy fingers.

Paul also bought me a black rectangle lace mantilla a while back. I actually was surprised that I like the look of the rectangle cut better than the triangle. The veils on my dream list are from these three stores:

And here are the veils. I've always wanted a gold or beige veil because both white and black feel like they stand out so much against my hair (although looking at some of the gold ones, I have to admit that they are rather bright). Here they are...

This one is for Sadie so she I can reclaim the one Paul bought me after we got married!

This picture is here because of the peineta (the piece under the mantilla). I'm just crazy about how these look, although I'm not brave enough to wear one (yet)!

I probably wouldn't actually wear something this bright, but I love it! And who knows I've been getting braver lately!

This might be my favorite. I love the color! I just wish it was a rectangle, but I think it's so pretty that it definitely makes the list!

I love the size of this one and the fact that I could wear it like a shawl and then pull it up to cover before going into the church.

This is my second favorite color out of the veils here and it has the larger size, making it my favorite veil. Sadie would have a field day if she got her hands on this one. Oh well, buying a new veil is not on the list of priorities for the near future, so I don't have to worry about her getting her hands on it!


  1. Oooooh, they are lovely. I'm going to Spain in February and hope to buy at least one :-))

  2. That last one is so pretty!

    May I ask a question? Do many women at your parish wear head coverings? Or are you one of a few? I only ask because around here, I've never seen a head covering. I think in all the time I've been Catholic, I've only ever seen one woman wearing a head covering.

    But it intrigues me. I really should do more research on it. I'm just one of those that is nervous of being the only one doing it. Ugh.

  3. Hi Natasa-

    You're going to have such a great time! I'd be saving up a "mantilla fund" if we were planning a trip to Spain!

    Hi Allison-

    I'm the only one at my parish, which is why it took me an entire year to get up the courage to actually do it. It was something I felt really drawn to do, which was why I started, but I was so nervous, especially because I'm a convert too. I was afraid people would think that it was a pride thing, when really it was just this feeling that kept building and was driving me crazy! I finally set a date for myself (when Sadie was born) and have been doing it ever since. I alternate between hats and mantillas depending on the weather, my outfit and my mood.

    No one ever mentioned it to me until this summer. I think people are finally used to it and then I started getting compliments from some of the little old ladies that go to our church, who say that I remind them of what it was like when they were girls or just that it looks nice. And I was surprised when I was out garage sale shopping with my husband and an older gentleman who goes to our church when he visits our town came up and said that I was the only woman he knew who still covered her head. He seemed very happy about it.

    It's so hard to be the first one to do it though. I have this fantasy that when we move it will be to a conservative area where a lot of them women will cover. We'll have to see if it comes true! And while it is hard to do at first, if you decide to give it a try it does get easier.

    I started looking at the Catholic Knight's articles when I was interested in it, because he gives so much history about why women stopped covering.

  4. Okay, thanks so much for answering. Now I don't feel so bad about feeling nervous to do it. I will have to do more research on it. I just feel as though the attire at mass is continuing to get more liberal each year, and it bothers me. I've already started wearing skirts only to mass, and am working my way on from there.
    Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  5. I cover too, I usually wear snoods but have been starting to wear with more frequency a small mantilla.

    When my mother and I go to Rome this December for vacation I have a feeling she is going to abscond with my mantilla (she is making noises about returning to the church... long story). I love the picture of the mantilla second from the bottom where did you find that one?

    Anyway, cool blog, found it via The Crescat.

  6. Hi Kathreja,

    I'm glad you found the blog! I just found the Crescat's the other day and had to send in a picture when I saw that it was Mantilla Week.

    I found the second to last mantilla at Halo Works under extra large Spanish rectangle (here's the link right to it


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