Saturday, September 5, 2009

Garage Sales and Parks

I was very tempted to make a "major" purchase at a garage sale today. We were out garage sale shopping (this weekend is the county wide garage sale) and I found an old fashioned desk set (very old fashioned, with the ink well and everything). It was a row with three seats and two desks on big wrought iron bases. It was beautiful! Sadie went over and sat on it and it was the perfect size for her. However the price tag, $75, seemed like a lot to spend at a garage sale... and we're trying hard to save anything for Paul's upcoming years at grad school. So in a huge exercise of self control (not something that I usually have when shopping, but that I've been getting a handle on this past year) I left the desk where it was, looking adorable by the side of the road, waiting for a good home.

Sadie was thrilled to play at two different parks in two different towns and is now passed out on my lap! She had such a busy day! She and Nani and Daddy walked up from the park to the town arena just in time to see Mommy get tossed off the horse I was getting on. I learned my lesson: do not ride in the city arena on a weekend when half the people in town seem to be next door at the outdoor shooting range, shooting large guns!

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