Monday, September 7, 2009

Starting to Talk

Sadie is asleep next to me and hopefully she'll stay asleep long enough for me to finish this post! I will try to get my camera hooked up to my computer tomorrow so that I can upload all of the pictures we've taken in the last week or so. There's even a picture of Sadie on a carousel horse. After going on two carousel's she thinks she's a carousel riding pro and has a giant grin on her face.

Sadie has two signs that she uses every day. One is the actual American Sign Language sign for "more." The other is a sign that she made up that means "all done." She thinks it's hilarious to combine the two and say "more" and then when someone tries to feed her switch her hands and say "all done." Today after she finished a bowl of cereal Nani asked her if she was all done. She made the little "all done" motion with her hands and then said "yeah" out loud.

She also seems to be saying "hug" sometimes when she hugs people. It still shocks me anytime she says and actual word (and those moments are still pretty few). It's hard to imagine her actually talking. I can't wait to hear all the things she has to say!

She also spent today pouring over the American Girl catalogue that came in the mail this week. Anytime that I tried to look at it she would run over and sit on my lap and try to turn the pages to look at the Bitty Baby section. And she's started hauling her doll, Abby, around a lot more. Of course she can still identify 90% of the tractors in the tractor book by pointing when I say the name. I think that "giant excavator" (her favorite tractor picture) is the most frequently said word in our house. It may beat out "the" for that title.

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