Monday, September 21, 2009

A Rough Day Made Better: Sadie Falls in Love

Sadie had another tough day. She tripped and bit a hole in her top lip. She still doesn't seem to be feeling great, although she's not sick. I am waiting for her eighth tooth to break through and explain it all away, any day now.

The day started out badly when I had to wake her up so that we could go on a planned trip to Redding to do some food shopping. Sadie is not a morning person. I am, but apparently she takes after Daddy. I never realized that sort of thing was so ingrained at such a young age. After a rough start, waking up, we went into town. We were early (she could have slept a little later!) because we wanted to grab lunch before we went to the store (afterwards we'd have to go straight home with the groceries in the triple digit heat) and we decided to go to a local toy store. We were hoping to get some ideas for Christmas (I was favoring the Radio Flyer pedal cars) but as soon as we walked through the door Sadie's eyes light up. She had seen him.

She only had eyes for Rody.

I think Rody (who we've named Robby, which is the name of Sadie's cousin, two uncles, her Grandpa and her Grumpa... there's so many it's hard to keep track!) will be one of those toys that she looks back on fondly in twenty years. It reminded me of a rocking horse that I had (although the rocking horse was brown and fabric) and while we hadn't planned on buying anything, we left the store with Robby.

The horse was between two bicycles in the store and Sadie spent the entire time we were there trying to move them to get to Rody.

When we got home she repeatedly kissed his nose, patted his back and ears and tried to shove me away any time I touched him to steady her. And of course, they "galloped" slowly across the room together. I think she's in love... It's only a matter of time before she's horse crazy.

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