Thursday, March 25, 2010

23 Weeks Pregnancy Picture

I've fallen behind in posting my weekly pregnancy picture. Since Paul has a very strenuous night schedule right now I'm usually the one holding the camera, while chasing after Sadie. But I got Nani to snap this picture of us last week.

Sadie is starting to feel pretty heavy these days. And I think my legs are getting pretty strong carrying all this weight around! She usually walks, but she's been so clumsy lately that there have been a lot of scrapped elbows, hands, chins and knees, followed by mommy carrying her for the rest of the walk. She's like a walking triple antibiotic ointment commercial these days.

I'm still in the midst of the second trimester energy boost. As soon as I get into the City to buy some elastic I'll have new outfit pictures up!


  1. :-) I can't stand trying to take pics of myself lol. Most of mine are like that too, is always nice to have someone catch a good one. Sadie is getting so big!


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