Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mommy Made Project #5- A Quick Shirt

My next baby step on my learn-to-sew journey turned out to be this shirt. It's really just a shirt version of the dress I've already sewed over and over again so I didn't really even need to read the instructions too carefully. I am going to have to be much more careful with the pants though, because that's going to be totally different from anything I've done so far! I cut out the pattern and material tonight, so they'll be all ready to go at nap time tomorrow.

As usual Sadie wasn't making it easy for me to take her picture tonight! She was a blur of motion and then, when she finally calmed down a bit she made a point to look everywhere except at the camera!

Who could watch the news when we have this wonderful cars sticker book right here in front of us?!?!?! Sadie actually started hyperventilating when I wouldn't say the name of a car fast enough... I think I need to watch the movie again and learn the names really, really well...

Here she is with her Saint Patrick's Day Little People Train. She followed me around the house today asking me to put it back together and then pulling it apart again and whining because she wanted it to be in one piece. One of us was definitely enjoying that little game more than the other! Thankfully the train will be returning to the garage soon, to reappear next St. Patrick's Day.

And the number one lesson I learned from making this shirt: when fabric has a direction that it needs to be positioned in, check before cutting to make sure that it isn't upside down. The front of the shirt is right side up, but the back side (which was originally going to be the front side) wasn't so fortunate. All the tea pots and coffee pots and pitchers are upside down! Oh well, another beginner sewing lesson learned!

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  1. Blue and white looks really nice on Sadie! Congratulations on all of your many sewing accomplishments!


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