Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mommy Made Dress #2- The Sunshine Dress

My dress making speed is getting quicker! The last dress took me weeks to make (it may actually have been months since I wasn't really keeping track). This one took three and a half nap times. I tried it on Sadie this morning and discovered that wearing the color yellow apparently makes her very, very hyper. She ran laps around the house in her new dress and I had quite a time trying to get a picture of the dress that wasn't blurred (and some of these are!). She did enjoy showing it to everyone in the house though! Here it is- Mommy Made Dress #2:


Sadie Speeds on By...

Today I promised myself I would work on some stuff for the shop instead of sewing, but my wire twisting supplies were hardly touched and I ended up cutting out the material for dress #3. I might have actually succeeded in my goal except Paul helped me out by getting a giant bin of fabric down off of a high shelf in the garage and from there on out I was pretty much hopeless. There were years of fabric in there. I even found a hideous red/orange/purple/black material that I vaguely remember thinking was beautiful back in the fifth grade. Thankfully most of what I found was much better (there was even a set of unopened double pointed 6mm knitting needles! Yay! It's like Christmas in March!).

Here's a hint of what's to come: Sadie will be ready for the 4th of July... I wonder if we'll spend it in the hospital welcoming Maggie to the world or if we'll actually get to see fire works this year?


  1. I love it! Yellow looks beautiful on her, and very springtime!

    I can't wait to see what else you make. You're getting me motivated to get back to my (mother-in-law's) sewing machine!

  2. Very beautiful dress. I love the yellow on Sadie. I can just see the excitement and energy on her face! There is something very special about a homemade dress from Mom.

  3. I love the yellow! I am very impressed by how quickly you managed to put it together, too.

    I can just see a mother-daughter#1-daughter#2 set of dresses coming along soon!

  4. Cam! I love your sewing and knitting posts :) As you know, I've also been feeling quite crafty lately. The dresses you made are beautiful! I want to take a sewing class so that I can at least mend things and put buttons back on, and ultimately learn to quilt. We'll see :)


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