Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mommy Made Project #6- Mother Goose Top with Yellow Pants

I finally got the elastic and finished Sadie's new outfit! It's amazing how hard it is to find elastic these days (especially if you are trying to avoid driving all the way across town to Joann's). The pants survived despite the near disaster of barely fitting the pattern onto the material and then realizing that I had cut one of the pieces out backwards and had a backside that would be inside out if I pieced it together that way. My trimming solution worked though!

Sadie doesn't like to put the shirt on because she would much rather sit and stare at the material on her lap and giggle, so it can take extra effort to wrangle her into it.

Sadie wasn't cooperating when she realized that I was trying to take her picture. She went into attack mode and started going after Grumpa's slippers.

After a few dozen pictures I finally got one of her standing up AND holding still. It was only because she stopped to check out a BLM marker, but I'll take what I can get! She's so wiggly it's hard to get anything that isn't blurry!

And Sadie would like to show everyone her fort again. You can't see if from this picture but there's a fierce battle between her army guys raging in the background. She definitely favors the green army guys and has been known to flick the red (now pink from being out in the sun) guys off of the wall.

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