Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paul Loses a Bet (and I have 70 Followers! Yay!)

We were so excited. NBC finally realized that US hockey games should be on their main channel (so yes, Paul lost this bet a couple of weeks ago) and we were going to get to see the US play Canada for the gold medal (you all probably know how that turned out!). If you'd read Paul's facebook status updates, he seemed pretty sure that the US was going to go home with the gold. He and one of his friends (who had just moved to Canada) bet 100 pushups on the outcome...

Now I didn't end up seeing the game because it fell right smack dab in the middle of nap time. And since the obsessive sewing had already begun at that point, there was no way I was going to trade limited sewing time to watch hockey! I could tell, however, from the commotion that was going on down stairs, that things were not going well for Team USA (and then they were, and then they weren't again, and then they were....). Here is the end result (in our house at least):

I don't know how I missed it with the camera, but the entire time Paul was doing pushups Sadie was running around "helping." She thought Daddy was being pretty funny!

And on a totally different note: A Woman's Place... now has 70 followers! Yay!

Now I'm off to finish working on a geocaching treasure hunt (which is today) for my grandmother's 80th birthday. The world is looking pretty frozen right now (it snowed last night, melted and froze again so everything is pretty icy) but hopefully it will still be fun!

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