Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Fever!

Spring is here! At least it is this week!

It's still below freezing some mornings, but we're getting up into the sixties during the day. And after months of winter (although a disappointing amount of snow) it's amazing how warm 45+ degrees actually feels. The weather man (who Sadie is in love with) keeps predicting more storms, but they keep getting pushed north or south of us and so things have been pretty nice for getting outside and getting things done.

Spring cleaning fever has hit the property and has been keeping everyone pretty busy. And there's extra motivation for everyone because some of the family is coming for my Grandma's 80th birthday (we'll be celebrating it this weekend)! Even Grandpa seems to be in good spirits and we took Sadie over for a visit yesterday! They were both excited to see each other!

Here's a look at what we've been up to lately! There's so much to get done before the temperature goes back up into the triple digits!

The view from Sadie's favorite play spot.

Her latest visitor (he spent some time watching us build a fort the other day). And he actually brought a friend so we've had a pair hanging out around the house! Hopefully they build a nest so we can watch the little ones grow!

Working on "The Fort!" This was before we realized it was going to be a fort and thought it just might be a little wall.

More work on the Fort!

Presenting: "The Fort" (for her toys)!

We've also been getting some gardening done. Sadie LOVES working up in Nani's yard. She is obsessed with the watering bucket and has been busy watering Nani's planters. She's going to be even more excited when she realizes that we're going to plant flowers in them soon. Then she'll be watering something other than dirt.

Grumpa also got his permit and had a burn pile last week. This meant a lot of tractor and truck work, hauling old pieces of wood around so that everything got where it needed to be.

Sadie was pretty fascinated with what was going on and sprinted ahead to see what Grumpa was up to.

In other news Sadie has discovered my carrots. I planted them four summers ago and found that they didn't do well in the rocky soil. So I never even pulled most of them. Well, they have since become wild carrots and are thriving in the rocks. There are carrots everywhere. They've grown into the path. They've surrounded my little Japanese Maple. And so far I've let them be. Sadie, however, thinks the tops are pretty, and decided to help me "weed" the other day. Luckily she wasn't strong enough to uproot the tough little guys and so only the greens were yanked about a bit.

Sadie's also becoming good friends with Black. She saw him the other day and sprinted over to "help" him get a drink of water out of his trough. He seems pretty amused by her antics and the fact that she squeals at the top of her lungs every time he sniffs her hand. I think she may be horse crazy before her second birthday.


  1. Thanks for all the great pictures! And, I love the new picture in your title bar! So pretty!

  2. Thanks Nicole! And thanks for the award! I've been meaning to say that for a couple days, but I've been running around chasing Sadie like crazy! Time to catch up on email and comments!


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