Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some Lenten Reading on Prayer...

I just "discovered" Eric Sammons' blog The Divine Life and it's quickly becoming a favorite! He even has a prayer request offer (if you email him) where he will either say a decade of the rosary, offer an intention at a Mass or a day of fasting if anyone writes in asking for prayer.

But I'm the most excited to read the seven part series that he's started about prayer.

Here's Part 1 (as I write this he's up to part 4).

Every time I walked by my computer yesterday I hit the reload button to see if Part 3 was up and then realized this morning that I hadn't scrolled down far enough and that it was up the entire time! So I have some catching up to do (which I'm excited about!).

While I've been praying the rosary frequently I'm excited to learn about different types and levels of prayer and this is giving me a lot to think about! And it's helped me to realize that prayer is something that I need to study and read about. Maybe I need to raid Paul's little religion library down in the cabin and see what he has down there... although I have a feeling I won't find much about prayer in his school books (and will probably find my fill of "liberation theology" and "dialogue between the monotheistic religions"... not to mention a good measure of heresy thrown in for fun...)...

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  1. Sounds interesting! I'll have to check out those links later :-)


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