Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mother Goose and Toddlers

I think that I now know every single nursery rhymes in this book by heart. It is Sadie's favorite book, and is one of the few paper-paged books that she can (for the most part) be trusted with. Most mornings after breakfast and Curious George she runs for this book and brings it to me and then climbs up onto the couch next to me so that she can look at the pages while I read. Sometimes, when she's very focused, I get to turn the pages. Other days, when she's a little impatient, she likes to turn the pages, which is why it's very good that I've memorized the book.

Her favorites include the "three little kittens who've lost their mittens," "the man in the moon," "I love little kitty," "row, row, row your boat," "hey diddle, diddle" and "three blind mice."

However nothing beats one that I hadn't heard before we got this book (possibly because I do little squeaky voices for the mice which makes Sadie giggle hysterically):

Six little mice sat down to spin,
kitty passed by and she peered in,
"What are you doing my little men?"
"Weaving coats for gentlemen."
"Shall I come in and cut off your threads?"
"No, no mistress kitty, you'll bite off our heads!"
"Oh no I'll not, I'll help you to spin."
"Well that may be so but you can't come in!"

Nursery rhymes have become a big part of our day and Sadie is so enthusiastic about them! There are quite a few mornings when she sits next to me while I read all 100 verses and then wants to page through the book and find her favorites again.

When I was pregnant with Sadie my junior high english teacher told me that children who knew six nursery rhymes were more likely to be "readers." I don't know if that's true (although I did find this report when I looked around) but I do know that this is a fun book for little ones and that Sadie loves her rhymes!

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