Friday, March 26, 2010

Doctor's Visit #5- 24 Weeks along- part 1

I just have time for a quick post before we rush out the door for another big day. We're headed into The City for my fifth doctor's appointment with Maggie. Poor little Sadie is having quite the week. She was kind of a terror yesterday, and I was hoping that this sudden transformation wasn't the beginning of the "terrible twos." Instead she turned very snuggley last night and it looks like she has a stomach bug this morning. Added to that is the fact that she had a few hyper hours yesterday (after I gave her Tylenol because it looks like she's teething too) and twirled around and banged her head on the cabinets, giving herself a knot on her forehead (causing EMT Grumpa to check her eyes and declare that she is A-Okay).

Now to get ready for the appointment. I can hardly wait to hear Maggie's heartbeat!

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  1. Aww.. poor Sadie. Cute picture though! Hope your appointment goes/went well!


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