Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Sewing Lesson of the Day...

I should have realized by now that overconfidence while sewing always ends badly (in my case at least!).

I had a length of material that I wanted to make into pants for Sadie... but it was just a little too small. So I was triumphant when I laid it flat instead of folding it and managed to fit all four pieces on (just barely) with only a tiny bit of material left over...

Instead, yesterday, I learned something very important about making pants... it's something that the tiniest bit of thought should have realized, but apparently I was so elated over the pattern fitting that I wasn't thinking very logically... as all of you probably know, you need two different sides with pants, so that the fronts and backs on both sides match up and you don't have one panel of the pant facing inside out...

Yesterday during nap time when I began to piece the fronts and backs of the pants together I discovered with a sinking feeling, this rather important lesson. One side of the pants worked. The other side fit together... if one side was finished with the wrong side of the front panel facing out...

Then I thought I'd figured it out and realized that now the piece was upside down...

Anyways, I ended up taking both fronts and matching them up and trimming the one upside down so that they matched (although doing this made them both about a inch shorter width wise. But at least they are loose fitting pants that should still work.). However that didn't take into account that the new seams at the top wouldn't match up, so the center line of the pants is a little bit puckery. But again, I think the looseness of the pants might save them, because I spent most of nap time making sure the "puckery-ness" was even, so hopefully they will look somewhat normal when I finally get into town to buy more elastic.

And that is my personal sewing lesson of the day: Whenever I'm starting to feel overconfident, I probably need to double check what I'm doing!


  1. Don't worry! We all make mistakes when learning, especially when we're teaching ourselves!

    In case you didn't see it, I posted a 20% off coupon for JoAnn's good for this weekend, on my blog.

  2. I just started getting really interested in sewing and now I'm looking for a sewing machine. Do you have an advice for a beginner about which machine to get? Also, how did you learn how to sew?

    P.S. Sadie is so adorable!!


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