Monday, March 1, 2010

Mommy Made Dress #1- My First Completed Project!

It fits! And it actually looks like it's going to fit for a while, so I am very, very excited (it looked like it was going to be too small to go around her chest when I first tried it on her before I put in the lining)! Here's a few pictures we snapped yesterday after Mass of Sadie in his first Mommy Made Dress (the name I've started calling it around the house when talking to Sadie about it).

I was actually so excited that it turned out and fit that I started a second dress yesterday during nap time. It's coming along much, much quicker! Probably because I'm not second guessing every single thing that I do. And I know at least some of the mistakes to avoid after making them last time around!

The material for the new dress is bright yellow with little white polka dots. I may be as addicted to sewing as I am to knitting. I tried to sneak out to sew last night, but after Sadie woke up during nap time to find me rushing into the room (it was the first time we'd ever used the monitor) she was a little upset. When I tried to silently go out to use Nani's sewing machine Sadie, who was apparently pretending to sleep (and had been for about twenty minutes), sat straight up in bed and started to whimper....

Here she is ready to go out to work in the garden. Moments later as the USA/Canada hockey match came on I found myself saying, "Sadie, don't hit the tv with your rake." She put the rake down and looked dejected until Daddy said "you can play with your rake, you just can't hit the tv with it." That cheered her up immensely. I now remember why we usually leave the rake in the garage (Sadie snagged it yesterday and brought it in as we were coming back into the house after Mass).


  1. It's adorable, Mama! I can't wait to see pictures of the yellow one!

    I myself am becoming addicted to sewing! I'm transitioning my wardrobe into only skirts/dresses, so I've started looking for my old jeans to re-purpose into casual denim skirts for around the house. I think the success of my green skirt really boosted my confidence!

    I hope the Lord blesses us with a little girl someday so I can make pretty dresses for her, too!

  2. Oh my gosh, that dress is so adorable! I'm too much of a chicken to try clothing yet.

  3. That dress is so adorable! It looks amazing, I can't believe that's your first try!

  4. That dress turned out beautiful. And it looks really simple too. I am amazed that you have warm enough weather for Sadie to wear a sleeveless dress. I am still putting Susi in dresses with sleeves, because the weather is still in the 50s here. Good luck with your new dress. It should go a lot faster the next time around, now that you have already finished one. That is the great thing about a pattern, is that you can make a lot of clothes all from the same pattern.


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