Monday, March 29, 2010

OxiClean Review: Fighting Toddler Stains on Power Pak at a Time

A few weeks ago I received these two free samples from OxiClean to try out and blog about. The package on the left are OxiClean MaxForce Power Paks and the one on the right is a OxiClean MaxForce Gel Stick.

I was pretty excited when they finally arrived. You see, I've always been one of those people who sees products on infomercials ) and thinks "oh that looks great" but never actually goes to the phone to order them.

So having OxiClean delivered to our P.O. Box was perfect and I was eager to try the new products out!

In this house we certainly have stains. We have tractor grease stains, alongside grass and mud stains. We've recently discovered that mashed up avacado can leave quite a tough stain (who knew?) and lately I've started getting the clumsy, pregnancy related stains because I am A) clumsy from being so huge and B) have a stomach that sticks out a lot and catches anything that I drop. We also discovered last week that sand can actually stain if you grind it into your shirt while playing with it (that was another surprise!). Besides that we have all the other typical toddler stains that come when a toddler is just mastering the use of a fork and spoon.

I, however, was not the first one to use my new OxiClean Power Paks. Paul swiped two (count 'em 2!!!) out of the bag the day that they arrived and tossed them in to wash the sheets from the cabin. I, who was obsessively planning my laundry test run, was a little annoyed to hear his glowing report of soft, beautifully smelling bright white sheets (and with the amount of laundry we had building up I was a little nervous he would use them all before I had a chance to try them out!).

Then Sadie got ahold of the Stain Stik and attempted to hold it hostage. I finally got it back from her, dug out the toughest set in stain I could find and set to work. Here's a quick stain recap:

Here Sadie is on one of our few snowy days this year. She has on her favorite pink mittens. Now to understand Sadie's love of her pink mittens, you have to understand her complete obsession with the nursery rhyme "The Three Little Kittens." She wears them inside. She wears them outside. She brings them over when we read the rhyme and shows me that she has her mittens and isn't a naughty little kitten so she should be allowed to have some pie (or in her case, cupcakes).

So we were a little sad when they came out of the wash after a tough day outside in the melting snow looking like this:

Who knew that mittens from the dollar bin at Target could be so very important (if I had known I would have bought a few pairs!)?

I'd already used stain spray on them and they'd already been through the wash and slipped through into the dryer because they were so small no one noticed them. So the stains were set in on a high heat setting. Thanks to OxiClean they came out looking like this:

Sadie has already reclaimed her mittens and they're hiding somewhere in the house, but at least they're clean! And she looks a little less grubby on days when she insists on wearing them to Mass!

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