Sunday, March 7, 2010

Adventures in Toddlerhood!

Sadie has been enjoying the sunny weather that we’ve been having lately. We’ve been spending a lot of time walking, playing in the garden (although there was a tantrum over who would use what rake the other day… because I wouldn’t let her have the big rake that is rough and full of splinters and kept handing her the little red and blue plastic rake that she usually loves), and playing down on the flood plain near the river.

Now to the unimaginative grown up the flood plain may not seem all that exciting, but to a toddler it’s bursting with possibilities. We’ve built a fort for her “guys” to play in (the Wonder Pets, an assortment of trucks and a new regiment of army guys from the dollar section at Target) and today we took Daddy down to show him all the work that we’d done. There are also several large puddles that Sadie tries to sneak over to stomp in, not quite realizing that they’d probably be past her knees!

The other development is that Sadie has decided that outside would be a pretty nice place to take a nap. So she’s been testing out different spots. We’ll be walking along on the dirt road and she’ll just drop down suddenly and make her hands into a little cushion and pretend that she’s going to sleep. While the ground is nearly dry, we have gotten a lot of rain lately, and so her little face is in need of a good wash most of the time (no matter how often I wash it!).

All this running around means that she’s very tired by nap time! We’re almost an hour and a half into a great nap right now! Finally, she’s become a champion napper!

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