Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sadie Frown of the Week: This Coalition of American Nuns

I just saw this over at the Lair of the Catholic Cavemen and share the feeling of disgust and disappointment in these so called "religious." These nuns definitely deserve a Sadie Frown:
A coalition of American nuns, claiming to represent over 50,000 members of women's religious orders, has broken with the country's Catholic bishops by coming out in support of the health-care reform legislation now pending in Congress....

"... This is politics; this isn't a question of faith and morals," said Sister Simone Campbell, the executive director of Network. Women religious have a direct interest in health-care reform, she added: "We are the ones who work every day with people who are suffering because they don't have health care."

Full Story Here.
I wonder when Sister Campbell began to believe that matters of life and death began to fall outside of the realm of "faith and morals." These women are either willfully blind to something that most of the country understands (that abortion is most definitely included in the language of the Senate Bill) or they're lying. Neither would surprise me at this point.

This is yet another example of why a Vatican Investigation of these orders was so desperately needed. It seems that these sisters are intent on building the case against themselves.

As for the last sentence of the piece, as someone who is basically uninsurable and has spent half of the last decade uninsured because of a injury (which could have been corrected through a surgery that Blue Cross of California deemed "experimental" back when I was insured and then used to deny me coverage) I can honestly say that even suffering without insurance has not caused me to support these bills. I'd rather be uninsurable than sell out and join the culture of death that these nuns are now very much a part of.


  1. You're on MediCal, which has paid for abortions for decades.

  2. And I would absolutely trade my family's coverage to change that. In other words, I would vote against our state's coverage were I given the opportunity, since it includes abortion coverage.

    Our state may just bankrupt itself, which would be one way to solve the problem. Can't say I'd be upset about contributing to the solution in that way.


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