Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Society of Jesus and "Women's Reproductive Rights"

Lately I’ve noticed something: let’s call it a trend of sorts. If a priest is going to be out there supporting “women’s reproductive rights” because it is necessary for “social justice” there is a huge possibility (I think you can actually call it a strong likelihood) that he’s going to have the letters S.J. after his name.

The language that people use says a lot about their beliefs and what they stand for. After all, these men who have devoted their lives to God, can feel a lot better about what they’re fighting for if they paint it in a pretty light. Calling it “women’s reproductive rights” sounds a lot prettier than “murder” and it’s much prettier than maybe giving a description of cutting a child piece by piece out of his mother’s womb.

There are Jesuits out there who value human life and the respect the Church’s teachings. I read about them on their website. And they must be the majority. Unfortunately, I haven’t personally encountered any (although I’ve heard about them from reliable sources!) so far.

Maybe it’s because I live in California. Or maybe it's because academia has a way of warping the logic of those who spend too much time in private liberal colleges (and the Jesuits I read about, hear about and meet tend to be from a liberal "Catholic" college). That’s why my next post will take a look at exactly why the order exists and what the intent was when it was founded (interestingly enough if we’re ever blessed with two little boys the first two names we have picked out both involve Jesuit Saints for the middle names).

But first I have a quote from “Thomist” (and an explanation for how the idea for this series of posts got started). You see Thomist recently came across a magazine that gives a justification from a Jesuit point of view for supporting “women’s reproductive rights,” or to speak more plainly, abortion. The magazine is apparently in response to the criticism that this particular Jesuit College has received for it’s loudly outspoken heretical views.

Thomist was telling me about it yesterday and said that the language that was used makes it sound like people who try to stop women from exercising their “right to choose” (also known as their “right” to murder) are just a bunch of “out there conservatives” who push people away from the Church (another post I’m sure).

The author seems to believe that by pushing for “women’s reproductive rights” in the name of “social justice” these particular they are leading people back to God? Can you be led to God through the murder of the unborn?

The answer is plain, but I’ll roughly quote Thomist’s response:

“Social justice cannot exist when you’re cooperating with and supporting an act that is intrinsically evil.”

And killing the unborn is intrinsically evil.

Or maybe they just need to read and reread that link that I posted above and be reminded what the order stands for. A refresher on their vows might help too!


  1. When I think of reproductive rights, I think of contraception, not killing!

  2. Unfortunately the two go hand in hand, particularly since most birth control pills have abortive qualities. Some like the mini pill have abortive qualities 100% of the time because they do nothing to prevent ovulation, only implantation.

    But in this case, it's more a matter of this particular magazine using the term as a blanket statement for both contraception and abortion. As in women have the "right" to make "reproductive choices." A prettier (if it's possible) way of saying we should be allowed to kill our babies.


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