Friday, March 12, 2010

Mommy Made Dress #4- My First Try at Sewing without a Pattern

Here it is! I was a little nervous when I finished sewing because the dress looked giant (everyone who saw it said "she'll fit into it someday..."), but while it is a little longer than I imagined, it fits (and she can run around in it without tripping!). It was simple and quick to make, since I used the rotary cutter and ruler and the entire dress is made up of rectangles. I'm pretty happy with it as a first try!

Sadie admires her new dress in the mirror!

Cat Time! Poor Delilah!

Sadie shows me "her baby." If you ask her where the baby is that she wants me to bring home from the hospital, she will go find this book and point to this page.

A calm moment.... and then...

Sadie starts dancing! For some reason trying on a new dress always makes her want to dance!


  1. Is that a baby belly I see in the mirror in the first picture? :)

    I love the photo of her in her calm moment. She's such a cutie. Wish I was closer to you guys, I'd love to come over and play with her!

  2. I love to dance when I try on a new dress, as well!


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