Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Strategy for Distracting the American People: Bring Up a Sex Scandal in the Catholic Church

The mainstream media in our country does have a way of timing things and it would take a certain amount of blindness to miss the timing of the current wave of attacks (as always led by the New York Times) on Catholicism, the Vatican and Pope Benedict XVI.

Is it a coincidence that the story led the nightly news the night after the democrats pushed healthcare through despite the disapproval of the majority of the American people?

Before I get too far into my own post (which will actually be in two parts) about what's going on, here are a few articles and posts that should really be read in full by anyone who's confused by what's going on right now:

Untangling the Confusion about the Church by Bishop Robert C. Morlino (which ties healthcare and the accusations at its start)
and two pieces over at The Catholic Knight:

Now to gather my own thoughts (and keep from getting too angry at the mainstream media's twisting of the truth) for post #2 on this subject.

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