Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mommy Made Project #5- The Whole Outfit is Done!

The other day I posted the shirt that I'd just finished. Now the entire outfit is done. And Sadie took it out for a test drive around the loop and it's still in one piece.

I think these pants were actually the easiest thing that I've made so far. The idea of figuring out the elastic waist was intimidating at first, but it actually ended up being really quick. And thanks to everyone who's given me tips in the comment box and emails (I'm so behind in responding to emails at the moment!). The tips have helped a lot!


  1. So cute! (I love the picture of her walking away with her hands behind her back.) Great job!

    Seeing all your outfits for Sadie makes me want to get back to the machine myself. I may have to ask for a gift card to Joann's for my birthday!

  2. Hi Cam,
    Great job on the outfit! I wonder what your next adventure will be. You have really increased your sewing skills a lot! I accidentally deleted your comment on my post about my new fabric, so I did not get to read all of your comment, but I am glad that you like my purses I have been making. They are kind of addicting, because they are so small and cute and easy to make. I can't wait to try out some of the other patterns in the book.


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