Friday, September 2, 2011

The Bae

I was rushing around the kitchen getting lunch ready and trying to uncover the dining room table, which had unfortunately become the base of a large pile of various items that made the move but hadn't yet found a home, when I heard it... silence...

As many of you may know, silence in a house with a toddler and a preschooler can feel a little ominous.  I grabbed my camera (because let's face it, the result of the silence is usually either shocking or cute) and captured this:

I snapped the picture and moved as quickly and quietly as possible to grab Mae without startling her.  I put her down on the ground, moved the chairs back from the table and watched her scale the couch and try to rip a picture of the wall.  (extra points if you can spot Sadie in the above picture!  She's there.  I'm not exactly sure what she's doing...)

The funny thing is that overall Mae is much calmer than Sadie was at this age.  However, she is also very "determined."  Once she gets an idea in her little head she works pretty relentlessly towards her goal.  Lately the goal has been "climbing everything in the house."  If there's a surface with a foothold, she's trying to scale it.

Later in the day she helped me do dishes and organize the kitchen before dinner.  The broom made an appearance after a goldfish cracker related incident and Mae immediately confiscated it and began trying to sweep the living room.

Her little personality certainly does shine through each and every day!

Edited to Add:  Close Ups! (And the locations of Sadie if you couldn't spot her in the mess above!)


  1. I LOVE the picture on the top. it's such a cute picture!! :)

  2. Oh goodness!! I had to focus really hard to see Sadie and how did Mae get up there? This totally crushes my notion that girls are easier to handle than boys because they don't climb and are much climber lol.

  3. LOL! Mae Bae used one of the little chairs. I think she'd been working on it for a few days because I kept finding one of the chairs knocked over and I'd wondered what they were doing. She finally succeeded. She's constantly eating her sister's crayons, and so I'm always putting them up, and I think that they were her target!

  4. I'm trying to figure out how she's balanced enough to sit that straight! Or, did you catch an action shot that looks remarkably still? Saide fits in really well with all the other animals, dolls and toys; I didn't notice her at first. They sure do look like they're having fun though!

  5. She's actually just sitting there, concentrating very hard on the crayon that she's not supposed to have (because she tries to eat them... it seems like every crayon that's not in a box in this house has teeth marks in it... she's quick...). She must have gotten her balancing skills from a distant relative though, because it's definitely not from me or Paul! We're both pretty clumsy!


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