Monday, September 26, 2011

Sadie Announces Future Plans?

Sadie has been full of cute quotes lately.  Yesterday afternoon she picked up a big heavy quilt and draped it over her head before telling me that she was getting married.  Later she announced the groom's identity.  She said she was going to be marrying "Baby Jesus."  When I asked her who she said: "God!"

When I asked her to tell Daddy who she was planning on marrying though, she was a bit embarrassed and wouldn't say a word.

And then there was the (thankfully) small whisper at Mass when the priest held the Eucharist up and I barely heard her on my lap say: "I want to eat it!"

She then knelt next to Paul and made the sign of the cross three times, folded her hands and announced (in a much louder voice): "I did it!"  Thankfully we'd already retreated to the narthex at that point.


  1. That's amazing. How cute, and how cool would it be if she held on to those plans. Including a several year "out" faze, I have been holding on to my plans of the same thing since I was 7. So cute.

  2. I have been Catholic for my life of almost 31 years and just in the past few years I have been praying about veiling my hair. After prayer and time talking with a priest, I understand as a woman I should always veil my heart, and if I can not then it would be good to veil my hair to pull me back to the place I want to be in veiling my heart. I am happy to be here learning more. Blessings, Catheirne Anne


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