Sunday, September 18, 2011

My 2nd Degree Knight


  1. Very handsome!

    My hubby is a Knight, too. :) (I think Second Degree but I can't remember for sure.)

  2. Thanks! He is a member of KoC! And this is right before he became a 2nd degree knight last Thursday!

  3. Congrats Paul!

    I don't know much about the KoC beyond that they're the Catholic equivalent of Freemasons. Don't know any KoC folks here but my great-grandfather was a Mason and I know some Masons/Eastern Star folk locally.

  4. Congrats to your husband (and to you)! The KofC is a great organization. My dad has been a Knight for most of my life, and my husband joined the Knights as soon as he joined the Church (they're both 4th degree Knights).

    The Knights do so much good for the community, and the KofC can be such a good place for Catholic men to meet and make friends with other men who share their beliefs and values.

    I hope you all enjoy!

  5. Aw - how dapper! How many of us ladies can claim to be married to a Knight? ;)

    Seriously, though, chw is right. KoF is a great place for men to meet and share beliefs / values. I hope my husband comes around one of these days to find value in that organization, too!

    Either way, kudos to Paul!

  6. aww Yay! My dh is a 3rd degree knight, and I'm so proud of him. I love our knights dearly! How much our nation would change if ever man was a knight! God bless him. :)


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