Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting Ready for Michaelmas!

I've been trying to celebrate feast days with the girls a bit more now that Sadie is old enough to understand and participate more  and to follow along with the liturgical year at home.  Sadie is pretty excited about the development and is still asking questions daily about "Mary's Birthday."  Yesterday I was asked several times "How old is Mary?"

Now we're gearing up for the next feast day we've decided to have a little family celebration for.  Michaelmas, or the Feast of Saint Michael and the Archangels, is on Thursday and I've been scouring in the internet and my favorite celebrate-the-liturgical-year-at-home guide (Meredith Gould's "The Catholic Home") looking for ideas.

Sadie's already caught on that there's going to be another party and handed Paul a coloring page of Saint Raphael the Archangel while explaining to him that this was in fact an "archangel!"

So far I downloaded this coloring page from Waltzing Matilda, this one from Catholic Kingdom, the Archangel Coloring page that they have on Coloring Saints, and Sadie spent a while yesterday coloring away.

We also used a coupon to get a low price angel food cake cake tin (thank goodness for the coupon because those things are a little ridiculous for a tin, even with their little legs so that the cake can stand up as it cools!) to make angel food cake (I sense a disaster coming with this baking attempt) and I've been reading about various other food ideas.  Catholic Cuisine has Saint Michael Waffles.  Catholic Cuisine also has an idea for angel food cake.  The site also has one of the best compilations of ideas for Michaelmas that I've seen here, with tons of ideas for food and crafts!  And as always Catholic Icing has tons of wonderful ideas too (that's how I tracked down all the coloring pages!).

I asked Paul if he thought we could get a goose to try the recipe in my book, but he seemed to think I was kidding, and thought that goose was a bit out of our price range (I've never actually seen a goose for sale so I had no idea how much they cost).

I'm also brainstorming some ideas involving felt angels, if I have time before Thursday!

I'll take pictures as we go along!

Do you have any plans or ideas for Michaelmas this year?


  1. My girls have been very into the Chaplet of St. Michael. Cecilia asked me yesterday if I would promise to do it today again. So that is one thing we will do.

    Another food possibility is angel hair pasta.

  2. I pick up a lot of my bakeware at antique stores and yard sales. I think I paid a $1 for my angel food cake pan. I like going to the antique stores because they have bakeware and cups and things made from steel, stainless steel, pewter, silver and aluminum. You can find some great stuff often for a better deal than you could ever get at the regular store. I also went to a tea house that was closing and they sold all of their stuff. I picked up dishes, lace cloths, pictures, cups, wooden spoons, a child's tea set, a writing desk, and baking pans for $200.

  3. Going on record as being jealous of wherever Jana lives.

    Sounds like you've got the absolute BEST antique stores ever around you. :) Well done on the finds. Brilliant advice, too. Thanks.

    As for you, Cam, I think it's great that you're doing these types of "celebrations" with the kids. What a great way to teach them about our intricate and joyous liturgical calendar!

  4. We are having a "dinner party" for Michaelmas too! We can't afford a goose either, so I am going to roast a chicken. (It's the intent that counts right?) I am still debating over weather to make St. Michael's bannock or to have angel food cake.
    Other than that, we will light a candle for each archangel and read their special prayers.

    I am pretty new at trying to incorporate feast days etc. at home so I am glad to have have a book called "The Catholic Home" by Meredith Gould to follow. It really helps!

  5. For Michaelmas we drink spiced cider, make dragon bread, and read the story of St. George and the Dragon! (St. George and the Dragon parallels the story of Michael keeping the devil at bay). But we aren't catholic!

  6. I found that you find the best antique stores when you're traveling. If you're camping or visiting relatives make sure you go through the business district and you should see a few. I found a lovely silverware box and a ton of lady's hankies. And don't forget yard sales. Just because you don't live there doesn't mean they won't sell you there items or even give them to you for free. I live in central California but I've found some great shops in Washington and Oregon.

  7. Trust me when I say that angel food cake is easier to make from scratch than its reputation suggests. Just make sure to do any indicated adjustments for altitude, and be super gentle with your folding. I know you can do it. ;)

    I'd never even heard of Michaelmas before this. Is it traditional in the 'States to have a big to-do for it?

  8. We did a goose at Christmas last year and I'm pretty sure I paid over $50 for it. They are expensive, hard to find, and apt to be frozen so probably wouldn't be easily thawed in time for tomorrow. I think I'd go with a chicken or (if you can find a fresh one) a turkey.

  9. I love this idea, Cam: Making devils food cupcakes and stabbing them with swords!


  10. We are eating waffles(a French tradition from what I read)mostly because they are really cheap; my husband gets paid monthly-tomorrow. We also colored angels pictures and will read the angel stories from their kids Bible.


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