Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

"The feast of the nativity of the blessed Virgin Mary, born from the tribe of Judah, from the seed of Abraham and the race of King David, from whom the Son of God was born, made man through the Holy Spirit, that men might be freed from the ancient servitude of sin."

We'd been talking about the feast of the Nativity of Mary for the past few days in our home.  We made "presents" and a card and yesterday we went shopping for a cake mix for our "party."

Here's "Clay Baby Mary" who Sadie's been carrying around.

Unfortunately Mae got a hold of "Clay Baby Mary" yesterday.  Thankfully the "clay" is bakers dough that I made with flour, salt, water and food coloring.  And Clay Baby Mary did survive the encounter... barely...

The card.

Waiting.  She'd already helped me clean.  Now we had to make the cake!

More clay creations!  Sadie loved spelling with these and saying the letter names!

We also made two little hearts and a rose out of bakers dough.

Whisking the batter was one of Sadie's jobs.  We used an ice cream scooper to scoop the batter.

Cupcakes!  Sadie then discovered that while it's tough to wait to make cupcakes, it's harder to wait to frost the cupcakes while they cool...

Sadie sat at the table while she waited for the cupcakes and then announced that the two Mary statues were "You and Me!"  Lately everything is "You and Me!"
Me: "Look, two birds!"
Sadie: "That's you and me!"
Me: "It's Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat!"
Sadie: "That's you and me!"
And my personal favorite, while looking at a small frame with a generic picture inside of it:
Sadie: "That's you and me!"

I was surprised when she copied the colors from a painting in our dining room for this picture!

Here's another picture from her favorite coloring book!

Everything was ready... We just had to wait for Daddy!

The cupcakes!  Sadie got to pick the colors!

Sadie walked around while we waited for Paul saying: "I need help!" When I asked her what she needed help with she said:  "I need help getting ready for the party!"  The addition of "party shoes" apparently did the trick because after that she was happy!

Daddy was finally home!  The party could start!

It's finally time to eat!

Mae Bae, Daddy, Sadie and the Cupcakes!

Me and My Girls!

Sadie, was trying to bargain for more cupcakes.  She became quite concerned when Daddy took half of the cupcakes and went upstairs to give them away to friends.  We still have around ten here though... so I think we'll survive!

Happy Feast of the Nativity!  I hope you had a wonderful day!


  1. I love all the pictures! You do such a wonderful job of getting your children involved in the liturgical year. I have struggled with that so much since Jacob moved in abruptly in 2009. It seemed all I could to to teach him the prayers that all his peers already knew, and explain to him the mass.

    Regretfully, I am still lacking in that area.

  2. Very cute! And the aprons are the appropriate color for Mary :)! I think I might make some blue and white cookies, although those cupcakes look awfully good.

  3. Happy feast day to you and your family! I love your Mother Mary statue I can't wait to get some Catholic and religious items for my house after my move.

  4. Just love this! My birthday is today, also, hence "Marie".

    You do such a great job with your girls. :)

  5. You are such a great mommy! Wish we lived in the same state; I need an awesome role model!

    You are EXTREMELY blessed as well to have a like-minded spouse!

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm just starting now to really try to follow the liturgical year. I've given it a couple tries in the past but now that Sadie's older it's a lot more fun!


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