Friday, September 9, 2011

Back to Work!

I'm so excited about this snood!  It's the first one that I've made since my little work area was set up and it's a beautiful off-white dupioni silk that reminds me of wedding dresses and baptismal gowns and fluffy first communion dresses.  I want a bolt of it to experiment with, but I think I'd be afraid to try anything until I could practically make it in my sleep, like a snood.  I was actually a little nervous when I cut into it for the snood in a "Don't Make A Mistake! This fabric is beautiful!" sort of way!

So my stores and custom orders are back up and running, and I'll be making new pieces again (that's the main change that begins today!).  I'm about to try my hand at Lasso Rosaries for Full of Grace Creations!  I just learned about them and I'm really excited!


  1. That is a really pretty snood. I am trying to find ways of headcovering, because I would like to do it at least some of the time. How well do the snoods stay on? I have had a hard time keeping head scarves on. The only thing that has really worked for me has been bandanas, but they are not very elegant, and thank goodness I wear mantillas to Mass, because of my luck with the other head covering options...

  2. Beautiful! Maybe you could experiment with Baptismal gowns! ;)

    Do the lace snoods stay on your head securely? Are they relatively easy to put on? I love the look of mantillas at Mass, but I can imagine my son would never let me keep it on my head.

  3. Thank you! I usually wear the snoods with my hair up, and when my hair is up they never slip at all. If I wear my hair completely down the weight of it will tug the snood back, so that if I were going to wear a snood with my hair down all the time I would probably sew a comb into it. But my hair is annoyingly heavy and thick all the time, which is why it's usually up!

  4. I was about to say she got into snoods because the girls pulled her veils so much.

    They don't tug on these. ~Thomist

  5. Thanks, I am thinking of wearing them...


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