Friday, September 30, 2011

Daily Dose of Cuteness: Sadie and Mae in their Aprons!

We're getting ready to go to playgroup and this morning's involved art projects so Sadie and Mae are both wearing their Crafty Mamacita aprons!

Sadie and I wore ours yesterday, but this is Mae's first time wearing an apron.  She also found an old copy of the Magnificat from Lent and was carrying it around "reading" when I was snapping pictures!

As you may have noticed, I'm a big fan of red, white and blue.  Red and blue are my favorite colors separately, and it's so easy to find clearance clothes after the Fourth of July, that it works out pretty well!  Thus the aprons match most of the girls' outfits!

Sadie is also wearing a beautiful matching flower in her hair, but I haven't managed to capture a picture yet!  You can just barely see the edge of it in the first picture!

Now we're ready for finger painting... I almost don't want to expose the aprons to finger painting... but have to keep reminding myself that that's what aprons are for!  And I'm sure the paints will be washable!  They're just so cute that I want to keep them neat too!  

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  1. Cam,
    This just made my day! The girls look so cute in their aprons and I love the picture of Mae Bae standing in hers reading the magnificat. I have been thinking of making some more basic ones that are more like smocks for children and adults. I can't wait to get back to making more for my Etsy shop once I can get this other dress situation worked out...


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