Sunday, September 4, 2011


After having missed the bus for the past couple of years on this whole Twitter thing I finally signed up today!  And I'm looking for blogs/people to follow, so let me know if your on twitter so I can follow you!  Here's my page (with all of two tweets... and I had to think quite a bit about the first one because it was going to be my first tweet... and it's apparently in my nature to over think things like that!  Don't be too disappointed if you went over to see what it is... It's absolutely unoriginal and ordinary, for all the thinking I did!).

And I borrowed the little bird logo from the little "follow me" gadget I added at the right hand side!  At the moment the position of #1 follower is still open...  :0)


  1. AmyMCGS Though I should tell you that a large portion of my tweets are about Type I Diabetes stuff... Twitter is a great connection for those of us in the DOC (Diabetes Online Community). I do tweet other random stuff, too, though, and I follow several good Catholic people/sites. :)
    I'll go follow you now.


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