Wednesday, June 20, 2012

19 weeks!

During yesterday's snood photo shoot, Paul snapped a few pictures of the 19 week baby bump.

After 5 ultrasounds we know it's not twins... but it kind of looks like more than 1 doesn't it?

Our giant baby.

I'm wondering what full term is going to look like this time!


  1. You look good! I think the giant bump has less to do with your big babies and more to do with how you carry. I did have twins , and at the end, my bump was about how big yours is now! That was 12+ lbs of baby, 2 placentas, sacs, etc. Of course, I *felt* it all, but even the nurse prepping me for my section was surprised when I told her it was twins, because I just wasn't that big. I carried much of it in my pelvis (ouch! In fact, twin A came out with torticollis as a result of wedging himself in there early on). You've mentioned you have a particularly small pelvis, so maybe you just carry more in the belly as a result. God bless!

  2. that happens :) I showed bigger earlier with each child. But, the good news, is that you don't keep growing proportionately all the way until the end. It will slow down.
    I love the gray snood.

  3. the second photo with your hands on your stomach wearing the gray mantilla was so beautiful.


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