Friday, June 22, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday: Birthday Edition

Today is Sadie's birthday (technically it's still 1 hour until tomorrow here in California) and so this quick takes will be a birthday edition.  I've been looking at pictures throughout the day and I still can't believe that it's already been four years!

--- 1 ---

First I'll start with a quick look at the past few June 21sts:

1 Day

1 Year 

2 Years

3 Years

4 Years

--- 2 ---

And as I was looking at the pictures of the past few birthdays I ran across pictures of the cakes.

The bunny cake is still my favorite...

--- 3 ---

Today we had a pink princess theme.  Sadie is very into pink at the moment.

--- 4 ---

I think that Mae Bae thought that it was her birthday.

--- 5 ---

We managed to get one picture where the entire family was almost looking in the same direction:

--- 6 ---

And then, after the party and Mae's nap, it was time for Sadie's "pool party."  We had not one, but two pools.

--- 7 ---

Of all the presents the peg dolls ended up being one of the highlights.  Both girls loved them.  I made them each a roll for their dolls to "sleep" in.  Mae's dolls were simple and brightly colored.  Sadie's were a bit more detailed with princess crowns and jewelry.  

Mae's Dolls

Sadie's Dolls

When Mae first saw her dolls she had to carry all ten of them around, at the same time.  It was quite a challenge.

There was a lot of dropping going on.

When Sadie saw that her sister was awake she put her dolls away.  But Mae Bae found them...

Then Mae noticed I'd put her dolls back in their little doll roll.  Moments later they were strewn across the kitchen floor.  At one point she even managed to fling one under the oven.

What a day!  Now for a little sleep!

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  1. Were there other kids at the pool party? (or did you edit them out for privacy's sake). Looks fun! Peg dolls are fantastic.

  2. Those girls are absolutely adorable. And the cakes are terrific!


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