Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mae Bae's Veil (and a new tooth)

Mae Bae was having a tough time today.  It looks like she's getting yet another new tooth (the third this week) and this one isn't fun.  So the afternoon was teary.  

Then a package arrived with Nani's name on it.  Inside were two beautiful veils from Maria's shop, Crafty Mamacita.  And Mae Bae's whole day got a little bit better.  

I clipped the veil into her hair, in front of her little half pony, and she stood for a moment, thinking about whether or not she liked it.  For a moment she wasn't sure....

But the more she thought about it the more she liked it (which was especially impressive with the tooth coming in!  She was in tears only moments earlier.)...

And before long we had a ouch-ie tooth smile:

Which you could see until she found her binkie...

She spent the next fifteen minutes running around with her veil, greatly cheered up from how she'd felt ten minutes earlier.  It was hard to get blog appropriate pictures, since her chosen outfit before lunch was her diaper and her veil (she's really into accessories!), but she wore it happily until I took it off for lunch!  It stayed firmly in place and was easy to put in her hair.  And I had to distract her when I took it off so that we wouldn't have an incident because she really enjoyed wearing it (I took that risk since I figured that veils and a not-quite-two-year-old eating wouldn't mix).

I love the new veils!  I can't wait to see Sadie in hers!

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