Friday, June 8, 2012

New Silk Headcoverings with Lace

After buying yards and yards of lace at the fabric warehouse I found in Tucson, I started experimenting while I was making Dupioni Snoods and Convertible Headcovering/Headbands.  I'm really excited with the results!  I stumbled across a way to make a headband that looks awesome two ways and then converts into a fuller covering that offers more complete coverage (and a different look).  I just had to post some of the pictures that I had Paul snap yesterday.  All three of these are dupioni silk with lace trim.  I did add a plain black dupioni cover/headband and a plain charcoal grey dupioni cover/headband yesterday too!  And there were five more cotton covers from the day before in a variety of colors!

Here's the latest, showing off all three options for my new design:


  1. That's funny, I had some lace headbands in mind for my shop too. We must be laceaholics :). Your headbands look great!

  2. I believe your store will do very well when you open it. :)
    Will you be making mantillas as well?


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