Friday, June 1, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday: Home Sweet Home

--- 1 ---

I’ve spent the last ten months obsessing over alligators (I counted over thirty wild alligators this past year… so my obsession is not entirely misdirected). In fact I thought about them so much that I completely dropped my guard upon returning home to California and left a pile of shoes carelessly on my parent’s front porch. I should have known what was going to happen.

 The fox.

 He took one of Mae’s shoes and left a pile of fox poo in its place. I searched the property but the shoe is gone. Apparently the fox can carry size 7 baby shoes further than he can carry grown up shoes. Lesson learned. I’m shifting my focus from alligators and over grown/ released into the wild snakes, to mountain lions, foxes, bears, coyotes and rattle snakes this summer. Thankfully (and perhaps illogically?), none of those things scare me quite as much alligators.

--- 2 ---

My shop is back up and running and today I actually got back to work. It took me three days of thinking about plugging my sewing machine in to actually get around to doing it. I had a mini crisis of realizing that apparently my sewing machine plug and foot are sitting on the floor of my sewing room, still waiting to be packed. Thankfully, Nani has a sewing machine made by the same company and the plug and foot for her machine work on mine. Now I just need to start photographing all the coverings I’ve made these past months and get them up on my shop.

 That’s my goal for the weekend…

--- 3 ---

I spent a week before we left telling myself that I couldn’t forget to pack the white noise machine on the morning we began our drive west. And so, in addition to major sewing machine parts, what did I forget?

 The white noise machine.

 Mae Bae’s nap takes place directly above the kitchen and they are something of a trial since kitchens aren’t exactly quiet rooms… Any bets as to how long it will take before I break down and order a new white noise machine?

--- 4 ---

I am in a birthday crafting frenzy right now. I have three weeks until Sadie’s birthday and another two after that until Mae’s and I already feel like we’re down to the wire. I’ve been obsessively sewing lace on a princess dress and attempting to sew the girls each a waldorf inspired saint doll. A new habit to replace the one Sadie’s nearly outgrown (but was still insisting on squeezing into) is also on the list. 

Hopefully everything turns out as spectacularly as it looks when I picture it in my head (the dolls, at the moment, look less like the waldorf dolls I’ve seen online and more like Mr. Potato Head).

--- 5 ---

Sadie informed me that I don’t need to worry, because she’ll be taking care of the new baby. She stated this in a way that didn’t leave much room for argument. This ought to be interesting.

--- 6 ---

I’m missing high speed internet right now. We’re way out in the sticks, in an area where cable isn’t available and high speed internet means “satellite internet” with overage limits that mean I get kicked off if our entire family uses over 125 megabytes in a 24 hour period. That means no Hulu or Netflix or YouTube… And I have to be careful refreshing facebook during the day… because 125 megabytes between a whole family isn’t really all that much.

 Yup… this internet situation makes the next few months kind of like a special sort of internet Lent…

--- 7 ---

After 11 days in the car Mae Bae, who sat quietly and sweetly, apparently has 11 extra days of energy. She also has 11 extra days of snuggles and tantrums. Everything is dramatic and extreme at the moment. She spent about an hour racing back and forth across the living room at a sprint. I’m ready for her to calm down and stop blowing around the house like a whirlwind. I wonder how long it will be before she’s back to “normal…” Because keeping her out of trouble right now is a full time job (for like four people...).

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  1. I think I'd take the alligators over the fox. They didn't come up to your door did they?

  2. They come right up to the door and mark around it and grab anything they see that smells good (I guess that's the criteria! Once it was a mp3 speaker that had arrived in the mail that was still in the package! I found it out in the woods a month later!)!

  3. Yikes, I can't believe you've seen all those alligators! Your girls are too cute. :)


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