Friday, June 29, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---

Yesterday I thought we might be able to take the girls on a walk again.  It'd been over a week since we'd had a bear run in and I thought maybe, just maybe she had bumbled over to someone else's property and decided to stay there.  Then Nini went out to the car to leave the house this morning.  She opened the garage, went back inside, and upon walking back into the garage came face to face with the bear, eating bird seed.  Thankfully, the bear took off running.  An hour later, Gigi went out to the garage (which, unfortunately still was open) and discovered that the bear was back at it, eating bird seed again (apparently they're big fans of the finch's thistle that we buy).

So we're still hanging out on the porch and will be for the foreseeable future.

...And Grumpa did call Fish and Game today...  He was told that since the bear ran away it sounded as if it was still afraid of humans, although he could certainly shoot it if it threatened anyone.

Yup, because I'm sure someone is going to have time to go inside, find the gun, find the gun's ammo, load the gun and come outside to save the day if the bear that's been pestering us during the day for almost a month now decides to get over his clearly not that great fear of humans (I mean, how afraid can he be if he keeps going inside?!?!?!).

--- 2 ---

The best therapy for a politically horrible day is, for me at least, sewing... or knitting... or doing some other sort of craft.  I have a feeling that, as a result, that I'm entering into a very productive crafting period.

--- 3 ---

The fact that we have a bear lurking around the house is doing nothing to help Sadie's fear of bears after seeing Brave with me on Sunday afternoon.  I assured her that this bear isn't 15 feet tall and that it won't be able to open the doors to come inside the house.

She doesn't seem to believe me.

--- 4 ---

I recently ordered a swim cap for a snood shop project that's been on my mind (more on that tomorrow).  Instead the girls have taken turns swiping it.  Mae wears it on her head.  Sadie pretends its a doll and calls it her baby.  Who knew that a silicone swim cap was one of the most amusing toys ever created?

--- 5 ---

Mae Bae is insane when it comes to drinking anything.  Let me explain how this craziness works.

Mae takes a sip out of a cup.  She looks down.  She imagines that she sees a drop of water touch her dress.  Hysterics quickly follow as she runs around trying to tear off her dress to change.  A drop of water hitting her skirt is apparently one of the worst things that she can possibly imagine happening.

--- 6 ---

I get really tired of comments portraying conservatives as monsters.  I would dislike the same sort of comments if I saw them aimed at liberals... I just don't usually (or really ever) see those.  I don't mind seeing facebook status updates that express differing political opinions.  That's great.  Use that freedom of speech while you still have it.

However there's a line between expressing your political beliefs and expressing disagreement and saying: "All conservatives are woman hating pigs that don't $@!#(%# care about life after a baby's been born."

The later is what I hate seeing in facebook status updates.

Listen, I know we're all passionate about the direction our country is headed in.  And I know we have different ideas about how to fix it.  Explain your way.  Debate the correct solutions.  I like to go so far as to give people the benefit of the doubt and believe that they're arguing for a solution that they honestly believe will be best for our country.

And so here's my real facebook plea (although I doubt people who need to read it are actually going to): Please do your utmost to act like a grown up, even when you're shielded by a computer screen, and remember that the insults that you fling very likely involve a group that members of your friends and family are part of, and that you're directly insulting them when you use sweeping generalizations.  Do you really believe that your (fill in the blank with a close relative of your choice) is a woman hating extremist?  Try to picture the faces of the people your insulting and hopefully that will give you pause.

--- 7 ---

And lastly, here's a picture of the little animals that are living just off the edge of our porch.  At least some of the wildlife here is friendly!  These little guys are so cute!

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  1. #6 How I wish people would get that. Yesterday I quickly managed to swoop in and point out that I'm religious just as a coworker was about to bash "the religious right." She didn't finish her comment.


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