Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hard at Work!

I've been sewing a lot, channeling all my nesting energy into getting my shop ready for the not-so-distant future, where I will likely be sleep deprived and will appreciate a large stock pile of snoods so I don't have to scramble to sew up orders when I'm bleary eyed.  I have four and a half months of sewing left (God-willing!) and if I can keep up the current pace, I ought to be in good shape come November.

Tonight I roped Paul into coming out on the porch and snapping pictures from the most recently completed snoods.  I've been meaning to make these for a while, and I'm pretty excited about how they turned out.

When I first began sewing snoods the crepe and lace snoods were the hardest for me to make.  They also happened to be some of the most popular.  I really struggled to make them perfect.  They took a ridiculous amount of time to make and I wondered if I should discontinue them.  However... after over a year of snood sewing I've learned a few tricks that make sewing them relatively easy and much quicker than they originally were.  And so I'll be gradually adding crepe and lace snoods in different colors over the coming months.  

I think the lace and crepe popularity comes from the fact that they stay in place very well.  The crepe band is holding the entire weight of my hair in all the pictures shown and it has no trouble staying on my head.    

I'm also adding organza and chiffon (a few organza snoods are up!) as I make them.

Anyway... Here are the latest!  I just had to share (and if I can keep my eyes open I have another blog post bouncing around inside my head that I've been waiting to post!  I just keep getting so wrapped up in sewing!  If I'm too exhausted tonight I will post tomorrow morning!)!  

The first four snoods are the ones I've been referring to all week as my "Cinderella Snoods..."


  1. So, so pretty! Impressive talent, working with tricky materials. =)

  2. These are beautiful! I'm chomping at the bit to place another order, but trying to restrain myself for another few weeks or so. :) Head coverings are becoming like yarn to me: I already have plenty, yet I still desire more...

  3. Wow! Gorgeous!!!

    I have a snood I bought years ago from Garlands of Grace. It was white lace with soft polka dots, really cute. I put it on and I looked horrible in it.
    It was then I realized that just because it looks good in a picture doesn't mean it will look good on me. :)

    Tiffany, I know what you mean. I've been covering since 2006 and I have plenty, but still desire more. My style of coverings change over the years. Right now I am moving away some from the Mennonite style white hanging veil to a long square scarf that covers not only my head, but neck as well, especially for Mass. I only have 1 color, white. I would like to get some more to match all the colors of my dresses, but alas must wait till finances are better. :)


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