Friday, June 8, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---

Waiting to hear whether or not we’re having a girl or a boy is driving me a little bit crazy. I actually just wasted five minutes reading reviews for those for entertainment-purposes-only gender tests on Amazon before convincing myself not to waste $20 to buy one. A small rationalizing part of my mind tried to claim that I should do it as a test/blog review… but let’s face it… the test aren’t real and I really shouldn’t be wasting twenty dollars on something that silly.

 Still, the first week of August feels a long way off! Knowing we’d have to wait an extra month was the hardest part about leaving Florida for the summer! Another friend just found out she’s having a little girl though… so hopefully I can get my knitting cute little clothes fix that way until we find out!

--- 2 ---

I sometimes wish Sadie’s favorite order of nuns had a slightly simpler habit. Monochromatic would be nice. Okay I only wish that when I’m sewing. You’d think after sewing princess dresses it would be a snap. The problem must be that it’s doll size. Or maybe it’s because I’m trying to make it accurate…

And I’m sure that the fact that I was feeling lazy this afternoon comes into play too. I’m currently making her a Carmelite “Marie Therese” doll and am struggling through piecing together the dress. It’s actually really not all that terrible, but I think I expected it to be easier because it looks like it’s much simpler than what I usually sew. Still... those triangles (and my lazy way of dealing with them) were killing me this afternoon.

--- 3 ---

On the other hand, the latest princess dress, which is Sadie’s main birthday present, is done. It was easier than I expected, maybe because in my laziness I sewed it mostly by hand (only with the twisted logic of not wanting to get off the couch would hand sewing actually seem “easier”).

 I was avoiding setting up my sewing machine (you would have thought the 90 seconds that that process actually took was horrible by the way I was avoiding it… but it wasn’t), and instead sewed most of the top half of the dress by hand, including all the lace and brocade. I did the major seams by hand and finished it last night. I’m really happy with how it turned out!

--- 4 ---

I am having serious chocolate cravings.

 I was never really a “chocolate” person before my first pregnancy… but I definitely am now… and I haven’t done a very good job of controlling it today, mainly because there was actually chocolate in the house for me to break down and eat. And when there’s chocolate and I’m pregnant, my self control disappears entirely.

--- 5 ---

Paul actually said the words: “Wait so going to get an oil change isn’t a good enough ‘date’ for you?” 

No Paul. No it’s not.

--- 6 ---

#5 may have influenced the conversation in number six…

At home we watch movies on Roku. Our Roku came with Angry Birds. About once a week Paul would play it for all of 15 minutes. And Sadie would go crazy. She loved watching him play. Anyways… today…

Me: “So I was thinking about making little round crocheted angry birds for Sadie for her birthday and filling them with beans to make bean bags.”
Paul: “Sounds good.”
Me: “And then I was thinking about making a green pig mask to go with them.”
Paul: “Are you sure that’s a good idea? Encouraging her to throw things?”
Me: “I was thinking of making it Daddy sized.”
Paul: “No.”

Then he added something about how he needs a blog to blog about the things that I say. I’ve been saying that for years (not the part about blogging about what I say, but the part about needing a blog!)!

--- 7 ---

Now something is going on with my facebook. I can post as my blog, but not as myself.

Have I joined the ever growing “suspended” list? I haven’t been posting much and haven’t discussed anything controversial in ages, so I’m not sure what I could have possibly done to earn a suspension… but it keeps saying I can’t comment and sending me off to a page telling me my account isn’t working… and I can’t even message…

Now it just says:  "Account Temporarily Unavailable"...

I’ve heard that’s what happens at first when you get kicked off…I guess I’ll wait and see!

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  1. Ugh. I hate how stupid FB is bring. If it weren't so good for advocating, I'd leave.

    Number 5 cracked me up. hehe.

  2. 4 and 5 were HILARIOUS. Oh my gosh, I'm dying here.


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