Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Birthday Madness (Part 2 with another birthday coming up!)

The month of June is on my bad side at the moment, mostly because I've been counting the days in my head until Mae Bae's second birthday (you know, the number of days I have to make all of Mae Bae's presents after finishing Sadie's with one day to spare) and for some reason I kept adding an extra day and giving June 31 days, despite repeatedly doing that little:  "Thirty days have September..." rhyme in my head.  You see, it took me 19 days of sewing to make Sadie's presents, and so I feel the significantly shorter two weeks between their birthdays ticking away much more quickly, especially now that I'm down one imaginary day.

For some reason I keep putting off making the Waldorf doll.  It was fairly easy to do and yet I've spent two days not sewing it (I made a dress and three oven mitts, so I wasn't idle during that time).

So far I have two dresses finished (a Rapunzel dress and a Dominican Habit that I think Sadie might be a little jealous of), a velvet rosary so Mae can have her very own that's sturdy enough to play with, and the play oven mitt set with brightly colored hearts, so that Mae can stop stealing every oven mitt that her little eyes alight upon.  Now I just need to tell myself that I absolutely do need to buckle down and make the doll, instead of finding other ways to avoid it.

That's my little sewing problem.  Once I've made something once it takes me way more discipline to sit down and make the same thing again.

And now I'll take a deep breath and remind myself that I still have 7 days left of sewing time.

Wouldn't it be nice to be organized and make a little something each month and have everything done instead of spending the pre-birthday and holiday weeks in a mad rush?  One of these days...

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  1. Hey! At least you can organize your thoughts and keep track of things here. Someday soon they'll start reading, and then ....


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