Friday, June 29, 2012

A New Snood for All Season Creation

In yesterday's post I mentioned my recent purchase of a new pink silicone swim cap.  Last night I tucked my hair up into it, handed Paul the camera and told him that we were going to do a snood photo shoot.  He looked at me like I was crazy, and asked me, when we got outside, whether or not I was going to take the swim cap off my head.  I shook my head "no" as I laid my snoods out on a whicker chair, and instructed him to snap a "before" picture.  He decided to go along with his crazy wife:

Then I began to carefully fit each snood over the cap.

You see, the new snoods I've designed are made with a new pattern to fit those with no hair, or with very short hair.

This summer, since coming home, I've been very blessed to be able to take a couple of afternoons a week to go and sit with my dear friend who's battling ovarian cancer.  Now I had long planned on designing fitted snoods for those who don't need to stuff a pony tail or bun (or just longer strands!) into their snood.  Something that was fitted and beautiful, that stayed in place like my normal snoods, but that didn't have any unnecessary bulk.

When my friend asked me to make her a snood I got to work on the new pattern.

By the end of the day the pattern was perfected and I was pleased with the result when I put it on over my hair (with my hair down).  Still, to really see how it looked I needed something to do away with my out of control locks.

The swim cap order went out and I impatiently awaited its arrival.

So now I'm happy to introduce my newest line of snoods.  I'll be adding more colors as I sew them (and I happily accept custom orders if you have a color and fabric in mind):


  1. Those are really nice! I like the way they look better than a lot of caps made for those with cancer or no hair

  2. Great idea, inventive method! Also, very compassionate...

  3. What an absolutely lovely idea! They are beautiful as well.

  4. These are all fantastic, great job, could you maybe do some more pictures of yourself in the pink swim cap


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