Thursday, March 19, 2015

7 Quick Take Friday


This picture makes me smile.

It's just so Mae.  

The play castle in the back yard has two climbing sides with little hand and foot holds, but instead of using those she decides to scale the side of the house.

And because it's Mae, with her super developed gross motor skills, she climbed  to the window and then hopped carefully down and went back to running around.  

Also, she suddenly looks so much older!  I cannot believe that she's going to be five in July:


Twelve hours from right now is the scheduled time for me to have an audiology appointment and see an ENT doctor.  

And it can't arrive soon enough.

Between the hearing going in and out, the room spinning and making me sick and the stabbing pain in my ears I am so, so very ready for tomorrow.  

And I'm hoping that whatever advice I receive doesn't involve avoiding loud, high pitched sounds, because that's just not going to happen.

I did try Maggie's noise blocking headphones, and while they helped the screeching, they just made the dizziness much, much worse... Praying tomorrow gives us some answers (and solutions!).


So tonight I was kind of throwing myself a little pity party about how the whole ear things was going and I took one bite of dairy free ice cream and lost a filling/broke a tooth (pregnancy is never easy on teeth...).

Not having a dentist in the state of Michigan, and having four appointments I'm supposed to be at (with the kids) tomorrow, I'm kind of panicky at the moment.  

I'm hoping that tomorrow between the 7 and 9 am appointments I can find someone who can squeeze me in after the 3:30 pm appointment (when Paul will thankfully be getting off work early).  Prayers that somehow this works out are greatly appreciated.


Patch's name day was earlier this week and I tried to make it a good one. 

We started the day with a icy cold walk down by the river:

We took a trip to the museum where Patch got to play with the giant toothbrush (he loves that thing):

He did some building:

Played with bubbles:

And lights:

Checked out the fish in the waiting room while Sadie was at OT:

Took a stroll around the hospital while we waited for her to be finished:

And came home to have a cake that Sadie made for the feast day:

All in all it was a good day!


Now I know that as James' mother I'm kind of biased, but this little guy just seems to be getting cuter and cuter every day:

I can't believe he's big enough to sit up in the stroller!  


The last time I went to a movie was when Sadie and I went to Frozen.  

Yesterday I surprised her after dinner by getting out her Cinderella dress and asking her if she wanted to see a movie.  

She did.  And I have a new favorite movie.

It was so much fun!  


Paul's had a great first week of work (we're so proud of him!)!

And the kids and I have been getting around in style with the triple stroller, which I'm fairly certain is the best conversation starter, ever.

If you're walking with this thing you're going to have at least a half dozen (and likely quite a few more) conversations about how awesome it is.

And it is.  

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  1. I must agree, you and Paul make cute kids!

  2. Nope James is incredibly cute. I will be praying for you tomorrow. ♡♡♡

  3. We'll be praying that you get some definitive answers at your ENT/audiology appointments tomorrow. I know how thoroughly miserable even short-lived vertigo/dizziness/nausea is. My daughter is very interested to hear the diagnosis; she is actually preparing a talk for grad students on the effects of trauma to the ear (from loud noises.) This sounds very much like what you had described:

    God bless!


  4. Man oh man. Is there a patron Saint of organizing medical appointments? I will say a prayer you can fit a dentist into the mix somehow. James is definitely cute! And if there's ever an American Ninja Warriors: Kids... Mae will win.


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